Soil Preparation & Irrigation

Soil preparation covers establishments by Hortus LLC primarily engaged in land breaking, plowing, application of fertilizer, seed bed preparation, and other services for improving the soil for crop planting, vegetable farming, landscape gardens and turf. To promote growth and germination, soil must provide water, heat, oxygen, and essential nutrients. The soil must also be compressible enough to allow root penetration and plant growth. Among the most important operations in the soil preparation by Hortus LLC are tilling activities (conventional and modern conservation) herbicides application, manuring and fertilizing soils in preparation for all crops and garden planting. Specially formulated natural and artificial fertilizers are used including Nitrogen Fertilizer Application, Formulated Fertilizer Applications, Grass Fertilizer Application, Liquid Fertilizer Application and Granular Fertilizer Application to ensure maximum yield.

Properly designed irrigation system should not only serve its intended purpose, it should save time, money, and labor too. Hortus LLC Irrigation Division is the Middle East’s irrigation expert offering professional services, from application analysis and system design through complete installation and services using advanced agricultural knowledge, state-specific parameterization and daily meteorological and field data. We provide irrigation systems for crop irrigation, frost protection, processed water dispersal, and dust control. In planning your system, we rely on the most comprehensive selection of system components in the world, a highly qualified and trained staff of irrigation specialists, Hortus LLC is well prepared to serve your irrigation needs.

Our wide selection of mechanized irrigation systems include:

  • Center Pivot Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Frost Protection
  • Solid Set Irrigation
  • Traveling Guns
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